Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear Followers....

Tucker had his tonsil surgery yesterday. We were sent home today with "close" watch. He did really well with the surgery. He is cranking, of course, but doing well. This was the reason for our initial delay of heart surgery in Boston. Tuckers airway was small and being blocked by tonsils that were too big....SO, with this done we can now concentrate on getting everything ready for the Journey to Boston.

It was so hard letting him go, making that walk down the hallway to the operating room. I am so grateful that it went so well. Two months and counting us time to be strong and ready for our WHOLE HEART.

Thank again for everything---Tuckers Mommy

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amazon Gift Card, Raffle Number 12

Everyone loves Amazon right? The goodies you can find on Amazon are plenty. Everything from toys to books.

Andrea from Momma's Review has so very kindly donated a $25 Amazon gift Card to one lucky reader who makes a donation of at least $1.00 to Tucker's fundraiser.

Tucker's surgery is right around the corner. In fact, Tucker will be having surgery tmrw to help get him prepared for the Whole Heart Repair in Boston. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tmrw. Additional updates about Tucker tmrw can be found over at their homepage, The Bryant Family News.

Now, who wants to win this gift card?! You can enter as many times as you'd like at just $1.00 per entry. Raffle is open until May 8th and the winner will be announced on May 9th.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Showing Tucker LOVE.....

Jennifer and Daughter Madeline......

We Have Winners!! (Raffle #11)

The winner for our Build-A-Bear raffle is Andrea from Momma's Review!! Andrea has been a wonderful inspiration and friend to this fundraiser. You can learn more about her and all her wonderful reviews and giveaways over at her website, Momma's Review.

Beginning tmrw, there will be two new raffles up for grabs. Please stop back over and check them out for your chance to win!

How To "Show Me Love"

Tucker's surgery is fast approaching. Plans have already been made for pretesting and fly out dates have been arranged. We are overwhelmed by the amount of support and donations that so many of you have given.

Tucker's journey to Boston will be here in a matter of weeks. In preparation for the journey, we are making banners and posters to be hung in his hospital room during his stay. A reminder that there are so many thinking and praying for Tucker and his family.

We are looking for photos of each person who has Tucker in their hearts. Photos that will give Tucker and his family faces to focus on when they need the support. If you have ordered an I "Heart Tucker T-shirt, we'd LOVE to have photos of you wearing them. If you have not been able to purchase a T-shirt, you can still do so here.

Besides wearing the love, we'd like to see photos of our readers showing some kind of love or well wishes. A sign you made perhaps, wishing Tucker the best of luck. We want to make sure Tucker's room overflows with love and support from each and every one of you.

Please send your photos to