Friday, June 12, 2009

9 DAYS LEFT.....

I have to share a story….My mother, who has fought cancer twice and won, came over yesterday to watch Tucker for me. She was there to get him off the bus..they ate and played hard. He went down for his nap at 1pm.
I received a phone call from her later in the day…she said “Tucker is so funny, you didn’t tell me he likes to climb up on his refrigerator”. OOOPS, sorry. “He would get up there and just laugh and laugh, then needed help getting down”. Yup that is his new found fun. “He slid down the slide, but not until I would say READY, SET and then he would say GO and slide”. She said it didn’t take him long to fall asleep, just a few minutes, but he required her hand to hold…..

My mom has been there for EVERYTHING with Tucker. (She was diagnosed with cancer when I was pregnant with Hunter, had radiation right after she was born and another bout 3 years later.) She was there every day, at the hospital, with Tucker, either relieving us or just to see him. She knew how to do the mickey button, she knew what medicines he was to get and made sure nurses were giving the best care… has been a road that hasn’t always been enjoyable. She has always worn the hat of “protective” Grandma…”is he OK”, “what if”, “how do I”…. Now that Tucker is a typical toddler, eating by mouth, walking, communicating….it is SOOO nice to hear how fun he is to her. I am sooo grateful for so many things in my life…But my MOMMY is right up on the top.!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

11 Days left...

I had a hard day yesterday…I think it is going to get harder and harder as we get closer to leaving. I cried off and on all day, feeling sad that some people just don’t get it. We are so very fortunate to have Tucker, each day, each activity he masters, each kiss and hug, each and every little thing he does is a testament that miracles happen.

Last night when Tuck and I went to bed—he likes to lay on your arm and snuggle in. He laid down and I instantly smelled his hair, that Tucker smell. I asked him “you ready to fix that heart of yours”, he said “ya ya” shaking his head all the way. “your going to be strong right”, he said “ston” and raised his arm like he was flexing his muscle (not sure where you learned that exactly)…..”I love you sweet boy”….and he said “uv u”….a conversation he acted as though he completely understood.......and maybe he did.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


OK…..listen here followers…(yes I am being sturn….smiles)

Pictures for Tucker’s banner will be printed this next week so I have time to get it together and possibly laminated. Send them to Thank you to those who have already sent “love”….it will be a pleasant sight while we are in Boston…..

Monday, June 8, 2009

Countdown-13 days left

What’s in a name? How did Tucker get his name?

Well, Tucker’s real name is William, after Todd’s dad. His middle names, Charles and Tucker, come from my grandfather (Charles) and Tucker was my maiden name.

I wanted his first name to be Tucker but we couldn’t find something that went with it for a middle name, Tucker William didn’t flow like the prestigious name he needed and deserved.

WILLIAM CHARLES TUCKER BRYANT—now that says it all doesn’t it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The countdown--14 days left is going fast.

I cant believe two weeks from today Tucker and I will be on our way to Boston for his heart repair. I find myself trying to do things that we havent gotten to do catch lighting bugs or be outside jumping on the trampoline at 920 at night, a wagon ride around the neighborhood...things that I knew we would always do but now feel rushed to get them in. Bad right? That I think I need to live life to the fullest these next few weeks...getting things in that give us great memories. This procedure has been done over and over again....I have nothing to worry about but still I do.

Tuckers health has always been an issue and we have been so careful not to expose him when we didnt have to, not to be outside more than we needed to and now I feel I need to let him ...just in case. is not a good feeling, the feeling of "what if.."

Hang on to your kids, love them, give them hugs,,,,enjoy them and cherish every single moment. Time flies by....and then what