Friday, September 4, 2009

TUCKER's COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we HEAD HOME!!!!!!! Tucker too......with all our stuff.....with 9 medicines.......a stroller and a car seat.......with oxygen while we sleep.......and lots of strength yet to gain. Our flight leaves Boston at 150 getting into KC around 6pm. Daddy gets to work a day shift to come and get us, then it is a quiet, getting used to home kind of night.

I do ask, not to be rude or anything, that everyone hold the visits and the phone calls until Sunday atleast. Tucker will be out of his element, he is still pretty shaky and we have lots of settling back in to do...not to mention figuring out the medicine schedule for home and getting it all organized so as not to mess anything up.

We will be followed by Mercy very closely the rest of our recovery, with appointments each week for a while. But we are so glad to be coming back to KC.....

I'M LEAVING ON A JET PLANE, DONT KNOW WHEN I'LL BE BACK AGAIN!!! LEAVING...headed home.....not in BOSTON anymore.......Going back to KS with Toto.....Acting like a baby and heading know them all! -Mommy!

And Daddy is excited to have his family all together again.


This week has been quite a joy to me. Not only is Tucker and Karen coming home on Saturday, our son Brett returned home Wednesday from his Marine training. He broke his foot and had to stay an extra month, so it is a joyous time in the Bryant home.

I know we still have months of recovery at home, but I wanted to thank everyone for their support and donations to my family. We couldn't have done it without the thoughts and prayers of all our family and friends and newly found friends.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you all!!!! -Daddy