Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kool Aid Bag, Raffle Number 3

Handmade by no other than the Tuck Man's Mommie!! Why not own this one of a kind tote bag/purse!! Perfect for lunch's or school bok's and maybe even the kitchen sink!

Just like before Every $ is a entry into the raffle!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

FHI Flat Iron, Raffle Number 2

Need straight hair? We have a pink Heat Technique G2 Professional Ceramic Hair Iron 3/4" by FHI, you can read about it here Flat Iron !!

Same process amount of donation will be the entries you have into the raffle! Donate and come back here and tell us your Name so we can verify the entries!!

Airline ticket's

Do you have any frequent flier miles laying around? Jennifer and her husband Steve at Rundpinne did, they had enough to buy one ticket on united to help the family out! She will never know how much this means to me or even to the Bryant family! So if your not using them why not donate them!! it will add up!!

Child's Custom Canvas, Raffle Number 1

Ashley Tumlison from has donated a 12 x 16 child's custom canvas! Below are some examples of her work. They normally sell for $35.oo
How the raffle will work. If you donate to paypal $5.00 you will get 5 entries into the raffle, If you donate $1.00 you will get one entry into the raffle. Once you donate for the raffle please come back here and post that you did. But please tell us your first name that it was donated under. We will find out the winner of the first raffle on 03/01/09!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What can you do?

I am doing my part to help them. I asking for donations of new item's that we can raffle off. If you work at a company that has merchandise and are willing to donate it for a raffle please contact Alisha or myself

Email's have been sent out to almost every hotel and hotel chain in the Boston area, to see if we can get a week here or a week there! Of course I am offering advertising to that such hotel company on my blog and this one.

Joanna at Southern Girl Designs created the lovely blog for us. And it is all Tuck man! He loves farm's and barn's. And she is donating 10% of every sale to the Tuck Man, so do you need a blog makeover? Here is another way you can help!

I am talking with a major corporation to donate dollar for dollar what we raise! So next time you go for that frapachino at Starbucks, why not hit the paypal button up there instead! The Tuck Man needs his family around him as he goes through this experience! $5 $10 $20 no amount is too small and everything helps.

Thank you for your time
Lori @ The Downs Gang

Tucker's Story- As Told By Alisha

"I don't know why I am shaking, nervous and crying except I received Tucker's medical records today. Of course I looked at them, with procedures and results. The prognosis...a brief history, as stated on 10/15 of this past year by cardiology."

"Unbalanced AV Canal, DORV, Small Left Ventricle, Sub Aortic Stenosis, Coarctation. Right Atrium is enlarged, Left Atrium is mildly enlarged, there is a large Atrial Septal defect measuring at least 14 mm in length. There is a Large Ventricular Septal Defect..."

"It goes on to say, and this I need explained, that Tucker remains adequately palliated at this time? What does that word mean? He is OK for now? All these things listed and then "FOR NOW" he is stable? When reading it on paper it is so darn scary. All these things wrong with his little bitty heart." -Karen

Dear Readers, Let me introduce you to Tucker. I came to know Tucker the moment his Mommy came into my office and told me she was pregnant. Her and her husband, as well as their daughter, were so excited.

A few months later when it was time to have a sonogram done, excitement rose again as the sex of the baby was going to become known. Everyone who's ever been pregnant (and Daddy's too) knows how exciting and exhilarating it is to see your little bean on that screen for the first time; their heart beating away rapidly.

"It's a boy!" Oh the joy and happiness!

If only the subsequent sonograms were just as exciting. It was later determined that Tucker had a heart defect. Throughout Karen's pregnancy, doctors paid close attention to the abnormalities in his heart and tried to prepare themselves, and Mommy and Daddy, for what would need to happen when he was born.

17 days after Tucker was born, he had his first open heart surgery; The Norwood procedure. I can remember going to visit Tucker while he was still recovering. He was so tiny and attached to so many monitors and beeping machines. During one particular visit, I held my breath each and every time his oxygen levels would dip, even one point.

(Photos taken shortly after the Norwood Procedure)

At 9 months old, Tucker underwent the second step; The Glenn Shunt. The final step, The Fontan, is a procedure that Tucker doesn't qualify for. This is where Tucker's journey to the Boston Children's Hospital begins, and we want you to be apart of it.

(Photo taken shortly after the Glenn Shunt Procedure)

At the Children's Hospital in Boston there is a surgeon doing Bi-Ventricle Repairs on kiddos just like Tucker. This is not an experimental procedure, it is not a new procedure, it is however being used in a way that can fix hearts and give Tucker a new life; a long life. A life without being labeled as a "heart baby".

"Without our miracle in Boston, we sit back and wait for the day that Tuck’s little heart gives out. It could be a month, a year, or even 10 years, but the truth is, Tucker's heart will eventually give out. With the heart surgery in Boston, Tucker will have a full heart; a growing heart. He will be able to play sports. He will have oxygen saturation's in the high 90’s, not the low 60’s… is everything we have prayed for." -Karen

Tucker has been accepted to this hospital and qualifies for this amazing procedure. His family is more than elated to find Dr. Del Nido and even more hopeful that Tucker's whole heart will be repaired.

Lori and myself have set up this website to help The Bryant's on their journey to Boston. A journey that will forever change Tucker's life. A journey that needs a little help from you.

Tucker's journey to Boston requires he and his family to travel from the Midwest to Boston and stay for an extended period of time before, during and after surgery. We are looking to help Tucker and his family by opening up and asking for donations. Donations are needed for things such as airfare, accommodations and food. Every little bit helps and every penny will directly go towards this life changing event.

This blog will serve as a medium for everything related to Tucker's journey to Boston. Should you feel compelled to help in anyway, you may contact Lori or myself. There is also a paypal donation button on the top right of our page. Feel free to contribute to their journey there. Alisha @ Izzy 'N Emmy Lori @ The Downs Gang

You will also see a button for Tucker on the top right of this page. Copy and paste the code and put it on your blog. Share it with friends. Let the world know about this amazing little boy named Tucker. You can also follow us, put us on your blog roll and add us to your feed.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has been such a blessing on this project. It came to me instantly when I heard about the opportunity, but there are so many who executed my ideas much better than I could have ever done. Thank you!