Thursday, February 12, 2009

What can you do?

I am doing my part to help them. I asking for donations of new item's that we can raffle off. If you work at a company that has merchandise and are willing to donate it for a raffle please contact Alisha or myself

Email's have been sent out to almost every hotel and hotel chain in the Boston area, to see if we can get a week here or a week there! Of course I am offering advertising to that such hotel company on my blog and this one.

Joanna at Southern Girl Designs created the lovely blog for us. And it is all Tuck man! He loves farm's and barn's. And she is donating 10% of every sale to the Tuck Man, so do you need a blog makeover? Here is another way you can help!

I am talking with a major corporation to donate dollar for dollar what we raise! So next time you go for that frapachino at Starbucks, why not hit the paypal button up there instead! The Tuck Man needs his family around him as he goes through this experience! $5 $10 $20 no amount is too small and everything helps.

Thank you for your time
Lori @ The Downs Gang

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Cherry's Jubilee said...

I will keep you in my prayers. cherry