Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daddy's Little Man

Mommy and Sissy have come for a few days to re-settle things at home and prepare for school. Daddy and Tucker are sharing the joys of the weaning the mask together.

Tucker is doing really good, and seen in the photos, showing his smile once again.

"Tucker and I had our first all guy day and night. We did good. When he was off of the mask, he played and had a good time throwing the balls and dancing to his favorite music. We plan on spending some quality guy time today too!! We are going goo...d so far. He has been up and off of the mask since 6 a.m.. Go Tucker!!"

Those of you who have asked what the tape is on his face, it's in place for the mask. I think it helps to keep his skin from getting irritated while the mask is on.

The boy LOVES music! As you all seen before in video, Tucker also loves to dance!

"Had an excellent day yesterday and a very good night. Tucker has been off of the mask with an oxygen tube to his nose and does great. We were off for two hours at a time yesterday for about 3 times throughout the day. Today we plan on being off fo...r 4 hours at each time. Talking about tomorrow being off all day then back on for the night. They even said the "F" word for the first time. "FLOOR!" (non ICU room)."

Today's goal is to get Tucker off the mask in four hour sprints. I am sure he will do just fine, Daddy is by his side and cheering him on, just as all of you have been doing from the very start.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 8 Off The Vent

Good Morning Tucker fans! Tucker is doing well these last few days. He's been working to be off the CPAP mask each day and has been improving. They are now working to get him off the mask for one hour at least three times a day.

Little pieces of Tucker are slowly coming back. His smiles, his words, and his signs. He's sitting up more and trying to pull himself out of bed. lol! Strong little man!

Mommy and Sister had to make a trip back home for a couple of days to get some things in order for the school year. Daddy is with Tucker in Boston and taking very good care of him. It's hard to believe that Tucker and his family have been living in the hospital almost 2 months. Hopefully, they will be home soon.

Tucker was able to have his teeth cleaned and his hair washed on Sunday. I think he was very happy! There were smiles all around.

They were also able to get some video of the little man! He's so cute and I am so glad to report he's doing well.

And finally, I want to leave you with an excerpt from Karen.

"I have been in this hospital long enough to make a lifetime of friends and tonight I say good bye to one. I am heading home and when I return she will be gone...home to a different life than she had expected, home as a different person. Heart moms (dads too) live a life of uncertainty and more often than we want, a life of heartache. Tonight I got to see an angel...laying perfect in his bed, breathing over a ventilator that he will never come off. His mother standing proudly beside him knowing what a fight he has fought, knowing that he will not win. I cannot even imagine the emptiness. I, as many of you heart moms probably, have planned a funeral for my son several times in my head, with the what ifs, could I continue, who would be there, how would we do it......but I couldn't until today FEEL a little bit of what it would do to me. I love this family....they have been through a lot of what we have....and I am so very sad."

Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. And keep those good vibes coming for Tucker. He's come so far and I can't wait to see him home, running in the yard and enjoying himself.