Monday, February 16, 2009

My Thanks, To You!

Wow, look at all of the wonderful people out there willing to step in and help Tucker and his family! We cannot thank you enough for everything.

Thanks to those grabbing our button and adding it to your blog for awhile! It's such a cute button and it really does look great anywhere.

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Thanks to those of you taking a moment out of your regular posting schedule and writing something special about Tucker and this fund raising page. Word of mouth is a great tool! We've seen what can happen when bloggers spread the word.

Thank you to the many who have made donations to Tucker's journey. We all know how tough times are right now. Every.Single.Penny means a lot.

Tucker's Surgery Is Scheduled For April 13th, 2009

$265.00 Raised

Don't forget to enter some of our current raffles going on too. Each dollar donation will get you one entry into the raffle of your choice. Don't worry, there are lots more raffles coming this way.

Kool Aid Bag
Flat Iron
Custom Child's Canvas

And finally, thank you for your thoughts, prayers and good vibes. Those alone have made so much possible. It's those actions that get us through one day and on to the next. *hugs*


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