Saturday, June 6, 2009

Countdown--15 days to go

I was completely ready for Tucker to come home. The room, was a walk-in closet converted into a perfect nursey, tucked inside our bedroom. It was painted a golden yellow with navy blue baseball bedding. There were tubs of clothes just waiting for him to be dressed in. My mom and I did some garage sale shopping, thrift stores and clarence shopping before he came. Needlesstosay there were lots of clothes, all in tubs, all marked with the sizes....just ready to be worn.

His "nursery" was 5 steps from our bed. It held his bed, dresser, diapers and anything you could shove under the crib. It was soooo nice to have him in our room, yet something that we could call his. It was a perfect solution to not enough room and being within "ear" distance for anything we needed to do.....which back then was feeds via NG tube every 4 hours. Man that seems so long ago.....

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