Saturday, July 4, 2009

9 Days Post Surgery

Saturday, July 04, 2009

About 6 hours off.....

and now we have spiked a fever of 102.8. Tylenol was given, clothes on our head...dont really think it is infection, white blood cell count is still the same, but will do some cultures....They are thinking it is because he is off the paralytic...but dont know for sure. They have mentioned that we might have to go back on paralytic IF we cannot find the source or it climbs higher.
Pray Pray Pray....sorry guys, I know everyone is putting in extra time on their knees today but nothing better than works!!!!

One hour and 20 min...still off so far

They increased Tuckers sedation medicines this go around to ensure he stays sedated to help him stay comfortable....we arent completely satified yet....we will see how the next hours go. Will update again soon. Again, this is the paralyzing medicine that we are talking, this will allow Tucker to move, start taking his own breathes...the first step of many.

Paralytic shut we wait

Happy 4th of July.....

The celebration of our Independence, the thankfulness of our is going to be a good day. Everyone have safe travels and celebrations today.

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kiddiescorner said...

Pray everyday for the little guy!