Sunday, August 16, 2009

I "M" Tucker

I've been super busy with numerous things the past week or so, and I've just found a moment to stop over and update.


Mommy and Sis have come home to KC for a few days to get things in order, after all, it's been 2 months since they've been home to check on things. Daddy is in Boston with Tucker and they are rocking out with tons of progress.

Tucker is no longer on ANY IV meds and is taking everything by ingestion through the NG.

He's up and out of his bed, taking strolls in the gardens and bouncing balls in the room.

Today, he took his first steps since June 25th. YAY! He's growing stronger by the day and oh so pink!

He's even pulling himself up in bed, up went the rails. lol! Our little Superman is doing great and his parents have done fantastic about encouraging him and giving him the opportunity to show those docs what he can do.

Tucker is only on oxygen through the day and the CPAP mask at night if needed. He seems to be weaning from the mask so very quickly and fabulously! There are two meds left that his body still needs to detox from. With the amount of time he's been on these meds, it will likely take Tucker several months to be off of those. But, we all know Tucker and how awesome he is. He may very well detox himself much earlier than expected.

So yeah, everything is going so well. Mommy misses her boys but she will be back in Boston in a few days. Daddy is taking very good care of the little man and has even began posting the updates to their family blog. We have another Daddy Blogger on our hands. lol! Be sure to stop over and check him out!

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kiddiescorner said...

YAY!!! That is wonderful news. Keep up the great progress Tucker. you are in my thoughts daily.