Sunday, June 7, 2009

The countdown--14 days left is going fast.

I cant believe two weeks from today Tucker and I will be on our way to Boston for his heart repair. I find myself trying to do things that we havent gotten to do catch lighting bugs or be outside jumping on the trampoline at 920 at night, a wagon ride around the neighborhood...things that I knew we would always do but now feel rushed to get them in. Bad right? That I think I need to live life to the fullest these next few weeks...getting things in that give us great memories. This procedure has been done over and over again....I have nothing to worry about but still I do.

Tuckers health has always been an issue and we have been so careful not to expose him when we didnt have to, not to be outside more than we needed to and now I feel I need to let him ...just in case. is not a good feeling, the feeling of "what if.."

Hang on to your kids, love them, give them hugs,,,,enjoy them and cherish every single moment. Time flies by....and then what

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

It's okay to feel nervous. Don't block out any feelings or emotions, let it all come. I am so glad you are doing all the little things too, lightning bugs and all.