Friday, July 17, 2009

Praying For Poop and Holding Time

Aww, after 23 days since surgery, Mommy was finally able to hold Tucker. How awesome is that! Even with the sedation and pain meds, I bet Tucker knew right where he was; comfy in his Mommy's arms.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Holding time....

YUP... I got to hold Tuck for about 30 minutes tonight.. A good nurse that knows the need for holding and loving! She just felt Tucker acted as if his skin was crawling, asked if he had been able to get up out of bed at all since we got she did all the arrangements of the i.v's and the vent and I got some Holding TIME!!!! I dont know if Tuck knew he was in my arms or not but it was nice to be holding him, giving him kisses and talking quietly to him. A much needed fix for me.

Today,,,,no poop! We are still holding any other advances until we can get his tummy back to normal size. So, still we pray for poop.

We also had an extensive echo done on Tuckers heart. The mitro valve was in question as it is on the smaller side. However after one hour or more of 3-d imaging we have a very good report. The left side is still hard but is functioning the way it should, everything is doing what it is supposed to be actually. Very good news. The stiff left ventricle will relax over time, not necessarily time in the hospital, but months of time. It will all depend on if Tucker can sustain his body off the supports he has now while it continues to relax or if we will need more time to help it relax with the is all about Tucker time. It could be 3 weeks, just long enough to get the vent off and things tweaked before we head home, or it could take 2 months until it is relaxed enough for Tucker to sustain his function.....but the great thing is, is the surgery worked and the heart is functioning great!!

Praying for POOP!!!

I know, I know...nothing is sacred. Tucker is very bloated, tummy distended some. We pulled a lot of gass off him last night even after our initial poop yesterday. They took an x-ray of the belly today to see what kind of shape we were in. He has stool blockage that they will work on getting out today with several different tactics. Nothing else is being done today....just Praying for POOP!!!!

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