Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twenty Seven Days

It seems as though I run about 2-3 days behind updating this blog. Not to worry, there are many places to find updates on Tucker if they are not here.

Follow me on Twitter and you'll never miss a beat. I update throughout the day.

You can also check in on Mommy's view from The Bryant Family News.

And I get around to updates on Izzy 'N Emmy too.

Thanks again for keeping up with Tucker. He and his family are on day 27.

Yep, 27 days.

  • 27 days of living in a hospital room.
  • 27 days of showering in a hospital shower.
  • 27 days away from home, in a state they'd never been to before.
  • 27 days of eating fast food, hospital food and vending machine food.
  • 27 days of sleeping on a bed next to Tucker, who by the way has been in his hospital crib for, yep, 27 days.

Just stop a moment and imagine what you have been up to in the last 27 days. Amazing how it seems as though these last few weeks have gone so fast from our end, but I am quite certain The Bryant Family is ready to come home.

(Weekend Spongebob Marathon)

Karen has been updating at will, but as she has mentioned, there isn't a lot of updating to be done. Only small changes and tweeks are made each day and living through the ups and downs once is enough that she shouldn't have to write it out again for us.

So here is the jist of things as of today, Tuesday, July 21st. Tucker has a lung infection of some type. Antibiotics were put on tap today and hopefully they will work some magic and Tucker will be all better soon. They are not sure what has caused the infection, but it could be from the vent tube being in place for so long.

Besides that, the main focus is weaning Tucker off of the vent. This is the first step in moving forward. Having a lung infection and all kinda sets him back, but again, the meds should help him clear that up fast. He also received a pick line today and hopefully his central line will come out soon. The longer it's in, the more prone to infection Tucker is.

Tucker is also still sedated and on EPI again. EPI is a drug that increases the blood pressure to make the heart beat a little faster. This keeps the fluid from accumilating too.

Hunter is back up in Boston now and I am sure they are all glad to be together again. Tucker and Hunter are close and I just know that when Tucker heard his sissy's voice, he felt much better. This will also give Karen and Todd a distraction from the everyday mundane.

So, that's the basics. For more info from Karen, hop over to her family blog and you'll find some more goodies.

In the meantime, please keep sending those prayers and good vibes. At last check, the doctors told the family that Tucker is still several weeks away from home. Work your magic and send Tucker and his family all the strength you can muster.

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Anonymous said...

I am still praying for Tucker I hope the infection goes away quickly as possible!