Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Updates!

(Photo From The Past)

I lose track...Tues or Wednesday....anyway. Today is another day of fighting fevers and hanging out. We did get the arterial line out of Tuckers left hand today. It quite working overnight and had been in since surgery day, so it was taken out. The pacing wires to Tuckers heart were also removed today, also in from surgery. Anything that could come out today did to ensure infection is kept to a minimum.

We have moved to yet another pair of lucky socks today, hoping we will find the pair that has the most power in Camouflage. They talked, again TALKED is the key word here, of extibating Tucker as soon as we can get the infection and fevers under control. The longer the tube is in the more apt we are to more infection. We will take the tube out and go to a Cpap mask for extra support. This could happen as soon as 2-3 days from now, again I cannot remember what day it is so ..Friday maybe. I am sure they wont do something like that over the weekend so it might even be Monday...again, Tucker time.

We have ophthalmology coming to look at his left eye. It is really red, from being half open during paralyzation. They gave us drops to put in them but they are not helping. He has a bed sore in the back of his head now, one on his back and one on his ear. The only iv line we have is the new pic line they put in yesterday , mmmm maybe it was the day before. Anyway, he is at bare minimums on access and things attached to him, which is good for his body and healing. He squeezes our hands, and calms down when we give gentle touches. I am sure he cant wait to get out of bed. I am scared, a little, that some of our progress on walking and such may take a step backwards with all the bed time. I know he will be weak, for sure (who wouldn't), but I hope and pray we don't have to start over on holding our head up, and sitting and such. (I am sure that wont happen but it crosses my mind for sure....a month of NO getting up, NO eating, NO stimulation, on a low muscle tone kiddo....a lot crosses my mind)

That is us in a nutshell. I hope to have a post, very soon, on life without a breathing tube.....


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