Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Morning Updates

Tucker is getting a blood transfusion this morning. Not sure why he dropped so much overnight, it was 35 and this morning 29. (the humanicrit) So this morning we are getting blood. The didn't take a lot of blood gases yesterday so I don't think that could do it. The nurse said maybe he is lacking iron...and we needed to check the white blood cell count.

Then, Dr Marx talked to Dr Del Nido this morning and they have ordered a heart cath. This is a procedure that is done through the groin, the same procedure we had done before we had our surgery. They are concerned that we might have some more vessels that need to be coiled off. This will also give them lung pressures, heart condition and lots of information that is needed to know where to go next. They are very confident that the coils are what are needed but won't know until they get in there. Don't know if that will be today or not but sometime very soon.

Tuckers belly is extended once again. He pooped yesterday but have put the regime back on to get everything out once again. The pee has slowed as well, we were positive again yesterday. X-ray looks wet again this morning. We still don't know what the infection is that is culturing from the lungs.

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