Thursday, July 2, 2009

Recent Tucker Updates

Thursday, July 02, 2009

a little bit like Christmas

Look what we got today for Tuck man..... He LOVES his hot wheel cars and I think there are atleast a dozen shoved is this basket that was delivered. Along with Caprison, crackers, a holder for the cars, bubbles, and who knows what else is in there. It is OVERLY stuffed full.
Thank you to my work family (NAG)!!!!! Thank you thank you Thank you. He will love digging through it as soon as he is feeling better.

Same as yesterday for today...

They decided not to try to wake him today. Give him another day or two since we made some steps in the right direction yesterday. Which is good actually...I started yesterday trying to find our local church here so they could come and give Tucker a blessing. I finally got ahold of them this morning and they will be out a blessing on board before we try is nothing but a good thing.

So, the girls flights are in the air and it is just Todd and I. I have found a few moms that I knew about through carepages and have started some new "heart" is nice to talk about those things we all go through and to be able to relieve some frustration. Knowing they know exactly what we are going through or have been through is a great comfort....not that I would wish for anyone to go through what we have.....

Todd is down helping Trisha (Johnnys mom) with her computer so she can webcam to her girls this weekend. They were supposed to come up and spend the weekend but they came down with colds so they wont be able to come up....she is really bummed. Someone suggested (I believe it was you lady)a webcam call to the girls. She has been here since the 10th of June and is missing them, as any one would.

I am going to curl up with the 2nd book of Twilight....yeah can you believe I am reading them. Sheena was reading them, Alisha LOVES, even though I am not a vampire person, I am reading them. They are more like a love story with bits of "self control" and good vs evil in them. I actually enjoyed the first one.

Prayers for another quiet, little steps toward recovery, kind of a day.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Good day...

Lets see....we made a small amount of progress today...but progress!!!! We had our LAP line taken out, this is the line that measures pressures in the left side of Tuckers heart. (the left side is the side that didn't use to work and was corrected during this surgery) There was no bleeding, which was good. (they did have blood in the room ready for transfusion just in case--with all the heparin he is getting bleeding can become an issue) The output is still more than input which means he continues to get fluid off. His heart, if only intermittently, started beating in sync with some off sync times in between.... a good sign that a pacer wont be needed for a long amount of time. The dopamine, which is blood pressure medicine, has been turned way down as he is keeping his blood pressure up on his own. And last but not least..his blood gases are excellent so they got to go down on his ventilator settings. All good things and a quiet day.

Tucker is looking nice and comfortable, his capillaries refill as soon as you touch his finger tips..and for those of you who watch Tucker you know how purple he USED to be. 100 percent oxygenated blood....NEVER did we think Tucker would meet that. We are not going to be able to keep up with this boy very very soon......again, all good things!!!

Tomorrow we try again on lifting the paralysis....

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