Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tucker's Surgery Updates, Day 7

Everything was pretty quiet today. Tucker had one chest tube removed today, which is great! They will try to wake him again sometime on Thursday. Please keep Tucker in your prayers. Pray that he has the strength to come around tmrw. Below is an update for today, Wednesday Day 6.

What will today bring....

Last night was quiet but busy. His arterial line in his groin, which has the line that they messure his pressures in, this is total pressure not pressure in his heart...this is a blood pressure line that the needle up into the vein.....went bad. So they had to find another arterial line to put in. They finally got it, after several tries and two different Attendings. It was after midnight and things leveled out so I went to sleep. Didn't hear when they came in to do yet another i.v because the one in his thumb went bad, so another went into the foot. They are going to run out of spots soon and we aren't even awake yet.

I believe they will pull the lines out of his heart today and close the drain tubes. Other than that I don't think they have anything planned but they haven't done rounds I will post later as well.

Tucker got a bath, his tape changed on his precious face, he got a bath and his bedding was a busy night for the nurse.

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