Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take It Down A Notch

So, Tucker finally got to put on some shorts today! Yay! Poor little guy has been sporting a diaper and iv's for a month, so a nice pair of plaid green shorts should have hit the spot. Not to mention some fabulous, LUCKY socks to match.

Nice shorts and lucky socks!

In addition to all of that fashion goodness, Tucker really did seem to have a good day. One of the major points of progress today was the vent. Tucker was sitting at about a 15/16. This evening, he's down to level 11! Yeah, totally awesome! When he reaches a level 8, things should start to wean quickly. I am hoping that by tmrw evening, Tucker will be down to around an 8. Think Eight my friends!

Second great thing about today, medications (including sedation drugs) are being weaned little by little. This is a fantastic point of progress too! If you saw my tweets earlier, you heard that Tucker was actually awake enough to watch Nick Jr all morning. Cartoons, a kids best friend!

Third fabulous piece of news today, Tucker's Ophthalmologist came in and said his eyes were looking better (re: the ulcers) and to keep the regimen of drops and ointment going.

Fourth, Tucker's heart doc, Dr. Del Nido, said Tucker's chest x-rays are looking the best they have in days. Everything is moving in a forward, progressive motion.

See, there you have a whole list of wonderful things that your prayers and thoughts are doing for Tucker. People from all over the world are sending in their love for this precious boy, and it's working to make him heal faster. Thank you!

I hope tmrw is just as productive as today. *hugs*

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