Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's News!

It seems Tucker had another fabulous day in the CICU! Next week is going to be a big week for Tucker and I can't wait!


OK. So I am sorry I have not updated myself lately. Again, when not much changes it gets old saying the same things. Today, yet another new ATTENDING, another new plan. I called our cardiologist, he came, told them what the plan is and it is to get him off this vent and take it out early next week! No more waiting, no more slow it goes. He is ready. He has done great progress this week. Oxygen is great, blood pressure is forward. I was planning on going home on Sunday for a while with Hunter, now I will wait until the following Friday to decide. IF we can get the vent out we could possibly be on the floor in a week......the floor is the final room before going home. They have said that since Tucker has taken a while here in the ICU that the floor will be very quick. We just need to get the eating by mouth thing going before we head home. ALL VERY GOOD NEWS!!!!

So, hopefully this weekend we will continue to make progress on the vent, then we will be free of it next week early. We went down on two different medicines today, which has given Tuck a little more "crazy" awake time. It is a fine line we walk with the sedation, breathing over the vent...and so on. I dont think they will ever find the right mix and neither does Dr M, so I think it will be wake him up and pull it all in the same day next week. We have to try...we have to get him off it before we hit another infection or something.

We got to take the bandages off his chest, it is amazing how much they have healed already. The bruises are slowing going away from the pokes for IV's. His rash is gone. His eye continues to be really red....still doing the regime for healing. He still only has the pic line for access to his veins. We had some thrush in his mouth but have fixed that as well. We have been able to wear pants and socks, so a little bit of normal. We have had several days of poop and pee....our fluid balance is negative once again....

I think that is us in a nut shell. We have recieved lots of pictures for Tuckers walls....and will post pictures of them tomorrow. Thank you EVERYONE who has taken the time to send us mail. It is nice to hear from everyone and feel the love from each and every one of you. Tucker is stealing the hearts of the nurses here as well, now that he can interact a little with his eyes and movements. He shakes his head no when he doesnt want something....which is everything right now. Just wait til they see him without tubes and iv's.....we have shown everyone we can the video of him they can see how much he moves, dances, that he walks, that he has a life outside of the bed he lays in here. Who could resist not loving this little guy!!!!!

♥ Mommy

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Oh I'm so glad! I am continuing to pray!