Monday, August 3, 2009

Tuesday's A BIG Day

Wow, so we are going on 7 weeks of Tucker being in the hospital in Boston. Can you believe it?

Well, 7 weeks later and the Doc's think tmrw is the day.

The day to put Tucker in Detox (from sedation and pain meds) and pull that vent right out.

He's ready. He wants to be awake and play with his cars and watch cartoons.

It seems Tucker is tempting a fever, so cultures were taken and they are awaiting the results. However, the intention is still to get him "unhooked" from the vent on Tuesday. Let's keep our fingers (and toes) crossed that all goes well and the cultures com back negativo!

We need fabulous vibes through the night that he sleeps well and saves energy for tmrw. You know he's got a fight (or five) to pick with all of those nurses sticking him. lol!!

When Tucker does come off the vent, he needs to be able to tolerate it and expand his lungs enough to keep fluid from gathering in his lungs and around his heart.

Tucker will also need to be weaned enough from the sedation that he can put all of his energy that's been sitting in reserve to take deep, full breathes.

And finally, with all of the i's dotted ant the t's crossed, we pray that Tucker's heart will welcome the new flow and not overwork itself.

Take a good luck at this sweet little man...tmrw, I hope those tubies are gone, forever.

Send your kisses, hugs, love, prayers and peaceful thoughts to Tucker and his family.


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