Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 4 Off the Vent, 44 Days Post Surgery

Tucker did really well on Thursday and Mommy was able to hold him a couple of times.

"I got to hold him twice today. We did it while he was pretty sleepy and not awake and agitated. We swaddled him up and he laid in my arms for about an hour the first time. Then he got a little restless and I put him back in his bed. The second time he had a huge blow out diaper, front-back-sides---everywhere so he wasn't there long. (he needed to poop so I am not complaining at all) It was a step towards where we want to be. Awkward with the mask, tubes, iv's and swaddled...but very NICE!!"

The main thing going on, trying to get Tucker weaned from the pain meds without putting him into terrible withdrawal. There's a fine line with any meds, but after almost 2 months of being sedated and on large doses of pain meds, anyone would have a hard time coming off them. The struggled the first night to keep him comfortable. I think by mid day yesterday, they found a dosage that worked.

"After the terrible night of NO he rests. I think, knock on wood, that we have finally found the mix of medicine to keep Tucker comfortable. At rounds they looked at all the amounts given throughout the night to capture Tucker and they came up with a plan. It has worked so far today, almost too good. (meaning maybe too much once again, we will have to wean back but slowly..) Today they will let him rest, since we were up all night..but tomorrow we wake up, move around, and wean the settings on the mask. We had another 10-15 minute time frame off today. His oxygen levels stayed pretty good, needed blow by oxygen is all...which is a good sign. We might even get longer periods of time off the mask tomorrow. We will see."

Mommy is staying busy by filling the scrapbooks about this Journey of Tucker's. If you have anything you'd like to add to the book, please send it to Letters, photos, pictures, cards, anything at all that will help document Tucker's Journey For a Whole Heart.

Today, FRIDAY, is day four off the vent. I hope Tucker continues to do well and progresses more and more each day.

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kiddiescorner said...

HUGS still praying what a tough little guy!