Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update, 08/20/09

Tucker had another great night of sleep, so that means I had a good night of sleep, as good as I can in the room anyway. All the bells and whistles keep me up until I just crash. His strength is coming back each day and he is becoming the little man I know. When he wakes up, he always wants to be held, so I picked him up and somehow, his feeding tube was pulled out. That's o.k. cause we were stopping the feeds anyway and he had already received his morning meds. After all that, we got dressed and went for a walk in the garden again this morning. We love our little outings.

The doctors just rounded and were talking about his going to the floor. They want to fine tune a few things before sending us. I totally agree. Why push when were not quite ready. I would rather stay here an extra day than try to push him when he is not ready. Since the xray and blood gases looked great, they said "NO MASK" tonight. Woohoo, all day and night without any mask!! The also agreed to leave the feeding tube out and let him eat, dring and be merry all on his own. He is taking the meds by mouth with no problem. Just before the doctors arrived, optimalogy came and looked at his little left eye. Said it was looking good, just a little dry and to keep up the drops.

Things are starting to come together. His strength, his appetite and his breathing are all getting better by the day. We are so excited about how he has been progressing.

The picture I have attached is of Tucker and Miss Beth, one of his favorite nurses, in the garden this morning.

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